Why would I use a travel agent, when I am sure I could do it all myself?

Have you ever found you get better results at the gym when you have a personal trainer?
Or that you get a bigger tax return when you use an accountant than when you do it yourself?
What about when your hairdresser cuts your hair compared to the Iso Cut you gave yourself?
Don’t even get me started on some of those DIY Renovations!
Well, I am a personal travel manager and I know that just like these examples, I am an expert in my field.
So although you could book your holiday yourself, I know it will work out better when you have an expert looking after you.
Why is that you ask?


It’s my Expert Knowledge.

From famil trips provided by suppliers and my own family holidays, I have learnt much about many destinations and what I should recommend to my clients. I have met with hoteliers, checked out different room types at various accommodation options, dined in the restaurants, and tested the activities.

Boarding the Rocky Mountaineer


It’s my Indepth Training.

As a travel agent, we never stop learning. Firstly there is indepth destination training from major cities, to wilderness locations, and everything in between. Then there is product training to make sure we match the right clients with the right products. And lastly, airfare training, to ensure sure we are getting the most out of the airlines from free stopovers, chauffeur transfers, or even a free side flight! It is constant learning of all the different variables that go into making your holiday even better.

2017 Avis Scholarship Finalist


It’s the fact that I care.

I don’t believe Expedia or Booking.com is able to understand why a particular date or destination is important to you. Nor will a hotel booking website offer you advice on whether it is the best time to visit a particular destination, or what other destinations would be great to combine. Would the website know to remind your partner that an anniversary or birthday falls during your holiday? Probably not, But I will! I want you to love your holiday and come back raving.

The trip of a lifetime for Kate


It’s my support when things go wrong.

It might be as simple as a delayed flight or something more involved like the current pandemic. It’s my knowledge on how to sort thru the processes, so you don’t have to and knowing that you only have to make one call to me, rather than be on hold for hours to talk with a faceless call centre.

So, just your like your hairdresser, beautician, accountant or personal trainer, you could try to do all this yourself, but it’s always a better result when you have an expert looking after you!

About the Author

Kim Mason is a busy mum, lifelong powder chaser and the co-founder of Snow Safaris. Her love of all things snow started in some pretty fetching 80s ski gear on the green runs at Perisher, and took her and her family all around the world on some very interesting (and sometimes disastrous) adventures as they learnt about the unique challenges of holidaying with children.

After 22 years of travel agency experience and a jam-packed resume of personally-tested family winter holidays, Kim realised her passion for creating memories for her family could be shared. Along with husband Simon, she developed Snow Safaris to help other families enjoy fun-filled stress-free ski adventures.

Kim is part of the House of Travel Group, TravelManagers Australia Pty Ltd. Get in touch with Kim today. She won’t let your family holiday go downhill.