Top 5 Reasons to take the kids on a Ski Holiday!

Top 5 Reasons to Take your kids on a Snow Holiday!

Not to sure about whether a ski holiday is for the family? Here are 5 of the best reasons to head to the Snow!



It’s outdoors! We often complain as parents that our kids spend too much time inside, especially in Winter. A ski holiday is an all day outside adventure where the benefits of being in the mountains, amongst the fresh outdoor air, surrounded by nature, and sunshine cannot be discounted. What a boost to their well-being!


It’s Unplugged! Do School holidays find you wresting the ipad away from your kids? Well this is one place you can get them unplugged. Its a bit too tricky to play your ipad as you are zooming down a run. And once they taste the adrenaline of that experience, they will want to do it over and over again, and with big smiles!


By taking your kids on a ski holiday, you are giving them the opportunity to learn a new skill. Kids are like sponges and soaking up new skills is what they do best. It may be something they will only do recreationally, and later in life as a fun holiday with friends. Or potentially, it can open up a whole new career path, from ski instructor to resort or hotel staff or to perhaps an elite athlete winning a gold medal at the Olympics!



They get to make new friends. Ski School kids are grouped with similar abilities and ages, so it’s a fantastic meeting space. Many new family friends come just thru kids meeting in ski school. The lift ride offers many opportunities for new faces and interesting interactions as well!



Its family bonding. Skiing is a holiday the family can do together. With kids starting to learn from around the age of 2, by the time they are in school, they can tour the slopes with you. However it’s not just about the runs you do, but the talk on the lift – it’s a captive audience and the perfect time to have those precious beautiful conversations with your kids.



Make Memories!

Kim Mason, is a Family Snow Holiday Specialist. She combines her 23 years of travel agent experience with her love of family snow holidays around the globe.


About the Author

Kim Mason is a busy mum, lifelong powder chaser and the co-founder of Snow Safaris. Her love of all things snow started in some pretty fetching 80s ski gear on the green runs at Perisher, and took her and her family all around the world on some very interesting (and sometimes disastrous) adventures as they learnt about the unique challenges of holidaying with children.

After 22 years of travel agency experience and a jam-packed resume of personally-tested family winter holidays, Kim realised her passion for creating memories for her family could be shared. Along with husband Simon, she developed Snow Safaris to help other families enjoy fun-filled stress-free ski adventures.

Kim is part of the House of Travel Group, TravelManagers Australia Pty Ltd. Get in touch with Kim today. She won’t let your family holiday go downhill.