How to avoid the worst holiday ever… based on true stories!

You have been looking forward to your holiday, counting down the days.
And now you have arrived at your destination.
But it’s not what you had thought it would be?


Oh tell me what you want, what you really really want!

What’s the scene you envision for your holiday? Are you soaking up the sun on a secluded beach, or are you surrounded by hundreds of other sun worshippers, hustling for your own bit of space to lay your towel down.
Are you swooshing down the powdery uncrowded slopes, or are you standing in an hour long lift line?
Picturing yourself on holiday at the planning stage will weed out those destinations that may not be all that.


Understand the local information and climate.

So you have just arrived at your destination. You are all ready to board your barefoot yacht, to sail around the islands. ( Think Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm)
But, the safety briefing has just informed you, the water you have pictured yourself diving into each morning, is home to deadly box jellyfish! Ah No thank you!


It’s all about location, location, location!

There is a saying that its good to have the worse house on the best street. Its all about location!
The same can be said for your choice of accommodation.
You may save a few dollars staying 3 blocks back from the beach, but are you really going to enjoy the hike to get there!


Consider the room upgrade.

The lowest priced room at the hotel, is the lowest price for a reason. Upgrading your room category can give you a better location within the hotel, more space or just a better ambience. And, often the price difference is not that much. Club Rooms are great value as they include other benefits such as Breakfast, Daily Snacks and Beverages.


Know before you go, the things you want to see.

Some attractions require pre booking, or are closed on certain days of the week. The more popular attractions may offer skip the line passes or after hours small group touring. It would be a shame to go all the way there, to miss out on the one thing you had your heart set on.

About the Author

Kim Mason is a busy mum, lifelong powder chaser and the co-founder of Snow Safaris. Her love of all things snow started in some pretty fetching 80s ski gear on the green runs at Perisher, and took her and her family all around the world on some very interesting (and sometimes disastrous) adventures as they learnt about the unique challenges of holidaying with children.

After 22 years of travel agency experience and a jam-packed resume of personally-tested family winter holidays, Kim realised her passion for creating memories for her family could be shared. Along with husband Simon, she developed Snow Safaris to help other families enjoy fun-filled stress-free ski adventures.

Kim is part of the House of Travel Group, TravelManagers Australia Pty Ltd. Get in touch with Kim today. She won’t let your family holiday go downhill.