A year that wasn’t …

We find ourselves in the strangest of times. This is unprecedented, and I am sure in a few years’ time we will all look back on this moment in time and talk about how we lived through Covid-19.
Oh, the stories we will have! Missed hugs, postponed events, novel ways we coped with isolation, and of course, cancelled holidays.


What is important at this moment is how we treat ourselves and each other.
Being in the travel industry means we have been one of the first industries affected, and it has felt like a king hit, with both the loss of past income and no future income for some months to come.
Almost every industry has now followed suit or been affected in some way, and many have been able to transition their businesses to an online focus.


How you can help those in the travel industry?

While going on holiday in the next few months may not be an option, there is nothing to stop you thinking about where you will go after this is all over. Research shows that having something to look forward to, like a holiday, helps in overcoming the hard times.


Make a travel wishlist, of all the places you have ever wanted to go. Get the whole family involved and make some art out of it, perhaps a picture board, or display somewhere in your home with images of the sights you want to see.
If you have a special occasion coming up, consider a gift voucher as a commitment to taking that holiday. It need only be a small amount, but it means you are on your way!

If you have travel planned, and it’s not looking like it will be able to go ahead, consider postponing rather than cancelling your booking. By postponing, you are doing your bit to help the industry stay strong.

You are committing to taking that trip at a future date. This will keep businesses alive, people employed and the world turning.


We are all going to be hibernating for some time, and we want to know that when we wake up, the world will be a better place and one we want to keep exploring.


The last few weeks have highlighted just how valuable a personal travel manager can be. My clients needed only make one call or email to me, and I have saved them time they would have otherwise spent on hold, searching for a solution to their affected travel plans.


As a personal travel manager, I am here for you when it matters.
And I’m a small local business owner. So when you support me and shop local, you are also supporting small business and our local community.


From my family to yours, stay safe and well.

About the Author

Kim Mason is a busy mum, lifelong powder chaser and the co-founder of Snow Safaris. Her love of all things snow started in some pretty fetching 80s ski gear on the green runs at Perisher, and took her and her family all around the world on some very interesting (and sometimes disastrous) adventures as they learnt about the unique challenges of holidaying with children.

After 22 years of travel agency experience and a jam-packed resume of personally-tested family winter holidays, Kim realised her passion for creating memories for her family could be shared. Along with husband Simon, she developed Snow Safaris to help other families enjoy fun-filled stress-free ski adventures.

Kim is part of the House of Travel Group, TravelManagers Australia Pty Ltd. Get in touch with Kim today. She won’t let your family holiday go downhill.